Thursday, December 15, 2016

I just had a dream of a place... all I want to do is go back.

This is what happened, as literally as I can say it.
Insides were contsantly becoming outsides, the borders of all things changed whether you looked at them or not. I was at work on a pizza.
Then she scooped me off with a seductive proposition, grinning at each other, "That's not a no," Yer damn right it isn't. So long as I was cool to menage. Couldn't forget about my munchies tho. We tried phones but the digits wouldn't sit still. She told me just find them in the hotel towering up, right there.
Never did find my way back to that 'zza, even re-past the bistro right back down to my kitchen outside the conference center and parking garage. That infinitely descending promenade was damn slippery. I fell too high, waaay too high, only settling by force of will into softness of autumn trees. The promenade was all different now, snaking or slithering here, arching sublimely there, everywhere following hidden geodesics, with boxes of matching ferns and flowers popping up everywhere. Constructed out of perfectly solid granite cubes with no desire to remain so. I had no choice but to try to find my way in Hotel Hedon.
The elevator up is a jumble, people here are serious in suits flocking like geese on cue here and there. I find the boyfriend, with another girl naturally, but he hasn't seen here since I have. I go trying doors and that's when it gets weird. On the upper floors, things grow twisted dark and confused. I'm in too deep and masturbatory monsters lounge with their slave-fantasms, spiked organs on tentacles with eyes watching me as all colored juice blows up in their faces, I've eaten way past my fill, dark room cornered, comic book frames with red ragged words spelling out my misery...
Nothing but vile toxic darkness... gradually gradually subsiding into
And scchooop back in front of the knoll, just past the bistro where we discovered numbers don't work. Something isn't right... some sort of simulation? I started wandering down again, it was day, time to go to work? Excuse me i just... I have nooo idea what's happening right now or to me. What is this? An old soul half materialized... face untwisting and zoop and "how do you do, youngling? Oh ho ho, you're in for it." This is only my second day here!
He calmly strolled off into oblivion, with some purpose I could tell. But what was mine, pick up these, fruits scattered about? They just change shape the moment you touch them. I wonder what happens if you hurt-move an animal-form, they can't be real animals? Which is it, a dog fox aardvark raccoon? Won't sit still but.. my it certainly acts real. hesitant but trusting, I pet it's chin, and suddenly I stop wondering, I will leave them be...
So many souls. So maany. Noise from down there but no fury. What are we doing, who are you? She doesn't know she's here yet - thinks she's still wheelchaired back in her own life. She's hanging on a ledge and I'm just above her now, she just stares without motion. Get up, get up! Youre big and bold and beautiful, look at your legs! And I drag her up and she comes to and the crowd cheers, and now I'm in the flow, up a fractal staircase to a concrete clearing. "My mood wheel needs a spin, help me, young man."
Together we heave the red-orange iron trefoil, It won't go any further, it's getting lodged in the floor. "That's just enough, just enough so she's in the circle now, you see? And you're a crow, right on the edge here." Aaahh yes I do see, the women here have been together a long time, whatever that means here and now it's blue-green out of the rock again, it could go anywhere, be any thing... I'm off, on the promenade again...
I begin my descent and awaken.

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