Monday, June 29, 2015


This, with this. One with the unified motion of breath places and the spaces they make.
It goes with itself. It is twice. This line. Where it meets itself other half self. It would be a path along crests and valleys, a single line. Then it circles around. Up here to the eye and eye. They are different and alike. They are more alike than different. This hand and this. You measure one with the other. One among the two. They are facing different ways. That is their difference. They are the same but go different ways. They feel different in the same way. You can feel that they face different ways, from the inside. They are not the same but of one measurement. They feel the same to one another - their sizes are matched. One measures weight, and another measures it the same. There is one weight measured per object between the two of them. For weighing, they are as good as one another. They reach up themselves down *into*, yielding as two into one, running continuously to a line, down to branch again into twoness.
There are two branchings, two twonesses in one. But these twos are not the same. These which touch the ground do not do what these in the air do.
The ground is tread by the selfsame sides. But they are not selfsame in this motion.
This and this, two as one yet two undeniably, different now in their place. Different now in their action. In the air... One reaches, the other stays slack. One grasps, the other does not. I try it the other way and the feeling is almost the same. They are two ways to feel the same thing. No, not the same thing... When I grasp that knee with this hand, it feels different than when I grasp it with that hand.
Finger tips of one grasp one finger tip of one. I touch a place with this hand and fingers find what the thumb of that hand finds. This thumb finds what those fingers find. The order (the fingers are in a line from the thumb) ... A reversal of which is where.
From the inside, the twoness may find the places of sight, branched in unity from a crest. The line goes up and over and continues to the other face.
Smell is halfway branched. Its two is barely, and immediately one. Out from the line, twos wrap around to meet continuously to the line on the other side. A path would walk all the way down that side and loop again to this side, finding only places on that side which wrap around to this. Special flesh situated opposite the loop path, top and bottom, as far away as could be without branching the flesh. Everything continues to everything. Everything is here.

I have seen myself, as one sees another. The first time the elders brought me before the lakes, I learned of great water, which sits but is not still. I was shown how to still water is broken, and when I reached my hand to cast a circle of my own upon the surface, a faint hand appeared to meet mine, ghostly in its color but of the same shape. No, not the same shape... The image moved as me, was me, though I was still here. I leaned in to see where that arm came from and saw a person looking to see where an arm had come from. This happens in still water, and other places. The elders taught me their word for the self-image.. It is mirror.
I touch a mirror, and the mirror touches me in the same way. No... Not the same way. The hand finds its opposite on my body in the mirror. If the mirror feels, it feels its mirror with the reversed order of fingers.
Hands make reversed order shapes. When I show my hand in a mirror, it looks the same as when my hands do the same thing. When I touch the mirror, I feel the coolness in a reverse pattern on reverse hands. Four hands, with two mes across the mirror, like two hands with one me across... me.
My half-line. The only things there are one of are on the half-line.
If I submerge my line in the mirror, anyone would see full me! Half me, half mirror. Everything comes in twos which are the same except reversed order.
Something over here... means that there is something over here too. What is this order on my body? In a hand, there is distance between fingers, as there is distance between lakewaters. Small distance but looks bigger closer. The order of the fingers.. The thumb rotates more to find the farther fingers. It stretches. The fingers are already farther than the thumb can be. Fingers are samebutdifferent. They are not reversals of each other. It is as some grew more than others, like younger and older plants. Younger and older people. Younger and older fingers.
This arm can reach farther over here than that arm can... but it is the opposite if I do it the opposite way. Again it is the same but reversed. Distances on flesh, as if a path could be walked on the body. But what could walk the path of my body?
An insect. An insect could know the distances. I was shown their ways, how they smell for food and store it. They tread like we tread, and know the land. In this they are united in their life with us and those we hunt in the forest. There are forests within forests... Different sizes.
But my distances change: Now my arms are apart, and now my palms are touching. Insects can find this bridge if I make it. They find nothing if I make it gap. But I cannot make so many gaps as to offer insects no bridge on the whole of the body... I can move parts this way and that, but there is always a path they may tread. The oneness of body is connected.
Paths in mirrors cover the same distance. But its direction is different. One path moves closer, the other farther. Closer and farther to that, over there.
The paths around the body are the same distance. The halves are the same size. As they rotate over one another, the hands find no point at which they are mismatched. Interlocking parts interlock by fitting into spaces created by one another, and there is no combination which cannot be done in the reverse pattern.
What can be done in the world with one half will be done with the other half equally only if that the world offers this symmetry for that action, with-but-reversed. The reversal is inseparable from the close-far order of distances. I am in two as one half is closer to things on one side than the other half.
If there were no difference in sides, there would only be one, appearing as two, but nonetheless as one as the mirror and I. The world before me does not offer this symmetry. I can face different ways and see different symmetries, which change as I walk paths. The world does not mirror my mirroredness. It is not always in two halves as I; rarely is it so. This is the only way that the two mirrors of myself are different in action, different in the world. It is for this that they are told to be different.
They are further than one another in different directions along two coinciding paths - that paths which lead from the center outwards, in towards the center. The total path is self-reverse. Walking the other way is the reverse path. There are two paths for every path.
My body is full of directions. If I bow down upon my knees, as in prayer, there is the two fold of arms and legs, two opposites on the path around the mirror line. This is a twofold direction - forward and backward. Head and foot. The mirror faces show outwards, to the left, and right, the arm directions. This direction, and this direction, the same in their oppositeness from one another. The mirror loop's turning point, the top of my head, which leads down the front face, now towards the ground. And back, that side, towards sky. Another twofold but this one strange. This side pulls freely, that one is slack. One is not suspended from the ground by the sky. One takes root on the ground and braces against it, pulled tight like a music string.
I tread by willing against this pull, and resisting the fall with that same will. Falls are better avoided than stopped - the fall loves itself.
All directions are placed upon the ground, which even hawks eventually find.
I can spin to find any direction from any other - they can all be forward if one is so oriented. All these are different, but one finds three twofolds for each, from the directions of the body: up down left right back front.
Spinning brings front and all directions back to where they were. Half of this finds one hand where the other was. Back takes place of forward; there is not symmetry in these - they are harmonious but different.
A different different. They are not the same, not with-but-reversed.
Arms are one another. Legs are one another. Both twofolds self-mirror. Back and front are not one another.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I am a one. One tube breathing air out it with one breath. Breath of the one mouth which moves with one motion.
It comes from inside as a space, held with effort, and collapses by forming a line from the inside to the very tips of the places of smell and taste. Smelling happens one the outside, but taste can only happen inside. Things do this. They come inside. I am one and I do this to things.
The things and I ... we do this.
This dance in which they are offered to the unity of motion, which makes a space inside. For things to go.
I see this happen. It pleases one greatly to see things that might go inside. For I know that there is a way in which they are brought into unity of motion and are brought inside of it. There must be a space down there for them.
Wherever things go, there are spaces for them to fit. I go places but not where I don't fit. There are places I fit into.
Things come out of me from spaces where they fit. Things fit into me. I see things fit into other things. Sometimes they stay that way and sometimes they don't.
I see. I don't see. Now I see! I control this type of seeing. It is good to not see sometimes.
But it pleases me greatly to see things. I see things which can fit in the unified motion space. I tried things that didn't fit. Some don't fit.
This goes with this. I do not know why they go together. I control them. They move things. One is like the other.

Some things bring from outside. Some of them come form things like me, which fit into things I fit into.

Friday, June 19, 2015

All is.
All is now.
And now. All was and is.
And now, all is.
And there.
A same.
A similarity. Not-all was there, and was there again. It was not the same as all. All is only all.
One. One was. One was in all. One was out of all. No, all was out of one.
Another one. There was another one. One in the all again, all out of one.
One and again one, in the all. All was again out of one.
Another. Another. Another. Another. Now there is one. Now all is all, out of one.
One, and one. And one. And one. And all. One and all are one. And all.
I. I all. No, hi all! I and all. One was in all and I.
No, I was out of one. All was out of one. All and I was out of one. All was out of one? All is out of I. I am out of all. One is out of me.
One is in all. All is out of one. All is out of I. I am... in all?
There is one. There is another one. One is here, and one is there.
One and I are here. Hi one. Now I ... go there. Now one there, and one is here. I and one are here. Hi one.
We are here, one is there.
You are one. You are here. I am here. I am... one? I am not one.
One is out of me and and in all. All is out of me and one.
All is out of one here. All is out of one there.
All is out of ... all ones. Ones are in all. Ones are.
I am a one. I am in all. I am.

Thursday, June 18, 2015




ii I?

I ii ..... i .... i ... I. I? I I I I I I I. I!
I! I! I! I! II! III!! I!!! I!!!! ....
i, i .... I.
I if I. If I I, then I I. I I. I I when I I.

Let I be the ....